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Existential Good Bye

Price: $5.00

I am standing in the middle of nowhere,
wondering, why am I here?
All I can see is 50 shades of grey
of the person I am.

What would it be like if I wasn't here?
Would my outline fade into the grey?
Would anyone hear the leaf, falling from the tree,
or the sound of the raindrop hitting the ground?

Would I be an "X" on anyone's map?

Could you find me forever, on perpetual cyberspace,
Or as a face in the crowd on the movie set?
A picture in a photo album, long since faded away?

Would I live in the echo of my words,
through my voice and pen
as they find their way towards others..others...others...?

Will I live in the dance of my decendants,
and the rythem of the music they make?

What will you remember when I'm gone
and the world grows hotter, turns to ice?

Will you remember me soothing your fevered brow
with cool water,
tending to the great oak trees, and praying for them?

The way I care for the flowers and kept the colors
around my soul,
Opening the door of my heart to all the creatures,
whose path I crossed.

Can you see why I was put here?

Was it to bring forth new life, and complete
the circle of circles?
To show others how to survive the river and thrive
on the land unencumbered?

Was I here to fight for right? And make righteous decisions,
no matter the price?
To give hope to others, even when I didn't
feel it myself?

Did I share the joy of God's creation, that we are all
God's creation?
Was it to find a soul mate, ripping and tearing at every flaw in my body,
Yet stand steadfast, grow, forgive and heal?

To overcome despair, live an honest life with integrity?

What will you do without me?

Will you keep the gates of compassion open
in an ever harshening world?
And continue to love one another,
as I've loved you?

Will you color your life with many paints,
so you become the center of love for the world?

Will you remember me in your dreams,
as I wrap myself around you and keep you safe.

2012 Lynne Pierce-French

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